We stand by our 3 core values:

* Sustainable and fresh food              * Eco-friendly packaging               * Giving back to the community

Fresh, delicious and healthy food has been such an integral part of my life. While growing up, I remember being out in nature – playing with mud, exploring our habitat and eating fresh. Yes there was plastic used but not to the extent we see now. Going to the farmer’s market to buy our weekly produce – was meant to be carried in our own cool tote bags! 

So, where did it all change? 

Fast forward many years. During the process of parenting my little ones, in a fast-paced city, I realised that we people have just overlooked our roots.

Mother Earth who needs all our love and compassion to be able to continue to provide for us. This started our little movement at home called “Going back to roots”. We continue to visit local markets and help support them. We have had a huge reduction in use of plastics by using metal straws, still our cool tote bags, carrying our own cutlery and bottles everywhere .. and so much more! 

This love of food, and determination to create something long-lasting, while also committing to reducing the plastic waste around food production, influenced me and brought the launch of The Green Platters.  

We believe in ethical catering and support vendors whom we have checked to support ethical work standards. 

So what are you waiting for? Order a platter or one of the gorgeous tables and let’s make earth a better place again.

* All our food is prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen.